WASSA are delighted to announce that we will be hosting our inaugural Blue Ball on April 1st @ The Tower Hotel, Waterford. This is to mark the beginning of World Autism Awareness Month and raise our profile within Waterford city and environs.

Drinks reception @ 7.30pm followed by a Gala dinner @8.00pm with Avalon very kindly providing the music on the night with a DJ to follow.

So let “Your Blue Shine Through” and wear a shade of blue, whatever type suits you and join us on the night for lots of fun, craic and fantastic prizes to be won�Most importantly of all you will be giving back and supporting a charity close to so many hearts �

Tickets are €40 each on sale in the foyer of the Tower hotel on Monday February 13th @ 7.30pm. Alternatively, you can book via the email or phone number on the poster below.

Hope to see you there😄


The Kube

WASSA fundraising event – 24th June 2016 – The Tower Hotel

If you are interested in participating in this fun event please contact us – Each participant is required to raise €200-€250 however the winning participant will win €2,000 for their preferred charity

There is great interest in this and places are filling quick!

If you are interested in sponsoring this event by placing an advert in the event brochure please contact us,

Tickets on Sale soon

WASSA Workshop – Transition to Secondary School, beginning 29th Feb

Many young people will have completed their inter examinations for secondary school. Many parents are beginning to think about how to manage this transition. For the majority of young people this transition to to secondary school is filled  with excitement and curiosity. For many on the autism spectrum this change,  like any major change can trigger anxiety, worries and fear.  Secondary school is not just about moving to a new environment. It is  trying to adapt to a new daily structure, engaging with various teachers, finding  your place amongst peers, dealing with the organization of books, location and  organization of lockers, identifying support within the school when needed and  the list goes on and on.

We are here to help! J In the Transition to Secondary School Workshop we will be looking at:

  • General feelings associated with big change.
  • How we can challenge our worries and anxiety’s.
  • A day in the life of a first year student.
  • School Subjects
  • My School
  • Each young person will leave with a fully developed profile of their new

When: Beginning Monday the 29th of February at 5.00-6.00
Where: Edmund Rice Centre Waterford City
Length: 11 weeks, 10 sessions with young people and one parental session

If you think that your child would like to participate in this workshop please contact WASSA via the Facebook page or email Treasa Forristal on

WASSA Workshop – Developmental Play, beginning 29th of February

Why Developmental Play?

For a child, the function of play is exploration, learning, development of new skills,
expression and connection with others. Playing changes the structure of the brain,
specifically systems governing emotion, motivation and reward (Burghardt, 2005). It
also acts across several resiliency systems to contribute to health and well-being,
emotional regulation; attachments; learning and creativity. For children, play is the
creation of their individual world in which they can express, be in control and can
explore and test out new techniques.

What to expect?

WASSA’S Developmental Play Sessions are for children aged 3-6 years. In this small
play workshop each week we will look at carrying out a range of activities, which are
developmentally rich in nature. Theses activities will encompass the core
developmental areas of social, emotional, cognitive, physical and psychological

During WASSA’S Developmental Play Sessions children will experience a welcoming,
playful environment that will help develop positive social interactions. Children will
engage in a variety of developmental activities sensory play, music and movement ,
fine and gross motor play and creative play. Our sessions will last for 45mins and we
ask that parents also leave a small snack with the child eg. fruit or cereal bar and a
drink. Children should also wear clothes suitable for play.

When: Beginning Monday the 29th of February from 4.00-4.45.
Where: Edmund Rice Centre Waterford City.
Length: 11 weeks, 10 children’s sessions and one parental session.

If you think that your child would like to participate in this workshop please contact
WASSA via the Facebook page or email Treasa Forristal on